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Welcome to indiastatmedia! - A self-serving platform having curated data in various visually appealing formats - Infographics, Maps and Videos. Infographics Cards have socio-economic data, agricultural data of India, election data of India etc. The data is arranged segment-wise and year-wise with easy navigation so that you can easily access it. Scripted Infographics have a more detailed set of information combined with the text as well as suitable visual forms. The Animated Infographics have trends, comparisons, and other forms of data represented through bar charts, histograms, pie charts, and more. There are MAPS of various parliamentary and assembly constituencies of India having villages and towns; They are developed for electoral research and other political analysis about India. Besides the election data, the maps are available on various other segments like Demography, Agriculture, Education, Tourism, Crime, Sports, and Health to name a few. Much in demand, specially curated Videos on various segments are featured here with suitable subtitles - something that is readymade for your presentations and other occasions.
So, whether you are a data analyst, business owner, student, political analyst or just someone keen to gain insights from data about India, this platform has something for you.

Indiastat Publications


A first-of-its-kind Election Atlas of India which depicts a journey of progression of parliament elections since independence in the form of impressive graphs, charts and thematic maps...



Each Factbook contains details of a parliamentary constituency - from historic election results to demographic and electoral features...



Each Factbook contains details of an assembly constituency - from historic election results to demographic and electoral features...



Each Factbook contains detailed information about a district including socio-economic, industrial, elections and many other aspects. Of the 640 districts of India, the Factbooks of 620 districts are available...